Hello guys!

So this is my first review after a long break and today I am going to talk about very hyped product and it is Rimmel Stay Mate powder in  a shade Peach Glow.I bought this for two reasons. First one is because this so product was really glorified and everyone seemed to like it and the second one is because I was running out of  my favorite Beltaon compact powder.

As usual the products that everyone really like I don't find good for me. What I want to see is that this is a really good powder, but I believe that it is meant for oilier skin than mine is because on me it looks a bit caky. I truly believe that it would do an amazing job absorbing the skin oils but for me it's just not finally milled and what is strange that Bealont compact powder which is half the price of Stay Mate is better milled and just lighter and this is what I prefer.

All in all, Rimmel Stay Mate powder didn't work for me but if you have oily skin this definitely something to check out!

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  1. What a shame that you weren't impressed with it, but always good to see honest reviews :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Oh no! That's such a pity, I've heard brilliant things about this. I really like my number 7 powder at the minute xx


  3. Such a shame, this worked really well on me! ): But then again, I have really oily skin. x

  4. Gaila, kad nepatiko:) Rimmel Stay Matte patinka net labiau nei MAC Blot Powder, kuri gal ir atrodo natūraliau, bet sulaiko blizgesį žymiai trumpesnį laiko. Aišku, jei turi labiau sausą odą, tai toks produktas apskritai nėra reikalingas:)

    Kosmetikos užrašai