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Today I am here to talk about my recently born love for Loreal . I was hearing about them everywhere and our collision was inevitable. This brand has a remarkable variety of truly amazing products but it wouldn't be a real world without some misses and in my opinion that black sheep in the whole Loreal family is their Caresse lipsticks.

To begin with, it has a lot of good qualities. It glides really smoothly on the lips, feels light and moisturising. What is more, this line has a really nice variety of shades from naturally looking light ones to vibrant reds and purples. Mine is gorgeous Innocent pink and I believe that this line should be appropriate for girls and women from different age categories because the formula is sheer and it gives a subtle illusion of fuller sexier lips and as always Loreal packaging is the best. It looks really sleek, modern and just simply nice. Maybe because of this reason it never left my handbag since I bought it.

So what's wrong whit it? Actually the only flaw that it has is that the pigment of this lipstick gathers around every imperfection that your lips have drawing attention to something you want to hide. It is the fatal reason that made me think about this product as a beautiful accessory looking good on my vanity but not an indispensable makeup product. I am waiting with hope for warmer months to come when my lips seem to bee at their best and be pleasantly surprised.

Let me know what is your opinion about this Loreal Caresse lipstick! I hope you are having an amazing week and I will see you soon.

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  1. After reading this i wouldnt rush to go and buy it. My lips can be quite dry so i hate anything that would cling to that x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. Great review!

  3. Thanks for this product review!! I am such a sucker for beautiful packaging, but I would hate for the imperfections on my lips to be brought out since I have pretty big lips!! Still, the color looks amazing and the packaging looks so great :'(

    1. Your welcome! I am really glad that I was able to help you:)