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Today I am reviewing Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation (mine is in shade light beige).It claims to last all day, hydrate your skin and improve your skin while you are wearing it. I don't know about you, but I am always a bit suspicious when a foundation declares to make your skin better, even have some healing abilities.

In my opinion, it is really long lasting foundation although I don't think that it lasts the whole day but if you are using a primer and this together it might be the most glorious combination. It is a  mat finish, medium to high coverage foundation and very buildable so it may be perfect for many girls with different needs. I really enjoy using this product, but I think that the statement about hydrating your skin is a bit too strong because I think that it would be perfect for girls with a bit oily skin, if you have a normal skin like me, you shouldn't have any problems too but if you are a dry skin owner I would highly recommend getting a tester before buying it because it has a tendency to cling to dry patches ant mat finish may exaggerate your already dry skin. And about the claim to make your skin better and even its color I cannot say anything because I really did not notice anything, but I don't have any in your face skin problems so it might be the case of minor changes that are only visible for  careful observer.

All in all, Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation is perfect for summer because mat and long lasting combination is unbeatable in this time of the year.

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  1. I really do love this foundation, but the shade I bought (Ivory) is too dark for me so I only use it when I have a bit of fake tan on, but I definitely agree with you about clinging to dry patches! I also really want to try the Better Skin concealer as well .x

  2. Sounds like a really lovely foundation but alas, I have dry skin so it probably won't do me any good. I had the same problem with Benefit Big Easy, it looked amazing on my friend with oily skin but was just horrid on me. :-(

  3. This looks so nice would love to try it out! thanks for the brilliant review

  4. This looks so good, need to try it out!

    Mia xx

  5. Wow, it sounds nice. My skin is insane: it's dry in some areas, while oily in others. Nevertheless, I guess I will give this product a try. :o)

  6. I recently had this in a darker shade (Ivory) lasted pretty well on a night out when using primer. I wouldn't use it everyday but it does the job on a night out when I have false tan! Great post, now following via bloglovin' :)
    Style Storm

  7. Thank you guys! You are amazing! I am so happy that it was useful and informative for you!xx