Hello Loves!

So I got a beautiful present from Dap Style Jewelry and I really want to share it with you! As you can tell from the picture above I got a beautiful bracelet in a very popular design. It looks really simple and elegant. I think it's a really timeless addition to my accessories collection. I imagine it looking stunning against tanned skin. Is it too soon to dream about summer? One piece of advice while making your bracelet purchase make sure to measure your wrist loosely because mine is  a bit tight (totally my fault).

Of course, I had to find some outfit inspiration for you that would go well with this bracelet.

Congrats! You made it till the end of this post and you get 10% off your purchase at Dap Style Jewelry etsy store with the code : 10KAROLINA
I strongly suggest visiting their page because they have lots of amazing jewelry. Let me know in the comments what would you like to get.

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