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So today I have not so great review about really hyped product and I just want to put it out there that I am writing from Lithuanian perspective and maybe you don’t have to deal with same problems. I recently purchased  Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation because it was raved about by so many youtubers. I heard so many comparisons with Channel foundations, that it is really hydrating, natural and dewy.

Let’s begin my story with the fact that the lightest shade in Lithuanian stores is Light Beige and it’s not a first time when Lithuanian stores have foundations starting from third of fourth shade in the line and it’s the biggest nonsense. If you would take a map and check where Lithuania is you would not find us anywhere near the equator. Many girls in Lithuania have very fair skin and know I understand why too dark foundation is a common mistake here. By now I believe you understand that Light Beige is too dark for me.

The other problem is that it oxidized really quickly and the fact that I am wearing too dark foundation was even more visible. I can’t say anything about how long it stays on your face because the only thing I wanted to do was to take it off. It didn’t felt hydrating on contrary it clinged to dry patches and just felt really dry and not dewy at all.

So this was my experience but maybe yours is totally different and I would love to hear that because I feel that sometimes it’s difficult to believe everything what big youtubers recommend because there are so many factors shaping their opinions. I will see you very soon!

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  1. man tai Bourjoui vienas iš mėgstamiausių gamintojų, bet šiaip stengiuos visad iš www.boots.com užsisakinėti ir lietuviškų kosmetikos parduotuvių privengiu jei tai drugstore brendai :) pabandyk ir tu!