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I decided to continue our conversation about lip products with a  post about new Essence range of nude lipsticks. I won't lie when I saw them I was pretty excited because by now it should be widely known that their lipsticks are great value for money and my lip product's collection could be cold fifty shades of nude. Blond girls around the world could you tell me your secret how you are able to pull off bright colors without looking like clowns? Until then I am happily exploring the realm of nude shades.

It's nude time!

Porcelain doll
From Essence collection I have two spokesman 02-Porcelain Doll and 04-It's Nude Time.I find interesting that number 4 is much lighter than number 2. It's nude is really reminiscent of concealer color but I like it and I like to think that I can pull it off and Porcelain Doll is perfect easy to wear nude that would suite many skin tones.

The formula of these are just like every other Essence lipstick, not quite matte not really glossy, somewhere in the middle. Staying power is average but could be prolonged with lip pencil worn underneath.

I am not ashamed to say that I want to buy all of the shades because these lipsticks are damn cheap and I know that I will wear all of those colors. Tell me in the comments what is your relationship with bright lip colors?

By the way, I updated my last post about Sleek Matte Me lip cream with some pictures of how it looks on my lips.

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  1. I love Essence products but I have never tried any of their lipsticks. The ones you picked up look lovely :)
    Sarah |

    1. Thank you, all colors from that range look lovely, you can never go wrong with nude:)

  2. I haven't tried many essence products but i need to try more! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog