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Today I have a review of my beloved Margarita Face Moisturising Mist with flax extract. If you are an  attentive viewer of my youtube channel by now should know almost everything about this product and how much I love it but in case you forgot it, as I did during winter, or you are new reader let me introduce you  to the one of my favourite skin care family members.

It is an ecological moisturizing mist which helps rejuvenate tired skin, refreshens and keeps your skin moisture levels balanced. It’s a really quick and easy extra step that you can add to your routine to make your skin look healthier and happier. It has a minimal amount of ingredients and the only thing that might not be everyone’s cup of tea and irritate a very sensitive skin is rose water. As far as scent goes it has a certain smell but it is really light, disappears after a second and does not remind me of roses. In fact the amount of rose water is so small that it shouldn’t bother anyone and the rest of ingredients are very affective.

So go grab one for yourself and enjoy fresh and moisturized skin and let everyone else to be jealous.

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