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It is finally summer and already countless times I thought that it is too hot for socks and came back home with bleeding feet from cuts of my shoes. That's why it is important to find suitable socks for summer and Bellissima got us covered.

This line is made of 100% cotton. Natural material ensures circulation of air around your feet and more over these socks look really cute.

They have unique antibacterial formula which is great because all bad smell is caused by bacteria.
You can forget about being afraid to kick of your shoes because the smell of your feet can kick into someones nose.

This technology and natural materials absorb moisture and do not cause allergies which is very important during summer time.

I believe everyone can find a pair of socks in this line suitable for their taste. You can choose from beautiful and funny floral patterns to classic and chic plain white.

Don't forget to take care of your feet because they are equally as important as any other part of your body. I know that sometimes we don't even think about such simple things as socks but to feel comfortable and confident you really need a pair of good ones. In Lithuania you can find these Beillissima socks is Drogas and Maxima shops. Let me know which pattern is your favorite!

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