Hello, everyone!

During my life, I had various types of haircuts from short bobs and fringes to the hair that I have now: long wavy, never died ashy blond that becomes lighter in the summer. I am really happy with it every morning when I look into the mirror although as every woman I seek for change but I am not ready to commit to a long-term relationship. So that's why I was really happy when I got a chance to try these Irresistible Me extensions.

 I chose ash blonde color and 24'' length. The process of matching my hair and choosing the correct color was extremely easy and fast because they offer videos and fun quizzes to make our experience as pleasant and pain free as possible. The extensions themselves are great quality, the color matched mine perfectly. These are real human hair extensions, towards the ends the locks become slimmer as natural hair do and it helps them blend in with my own true hair really nicely. It's really easy to style and I think I am going to dye them some funky color since this is an option. You can compare the length and color bellow.

 Irresistible Me also offers amazing hair styling tools and all their products are really ( believe me really) reasonably priced and I had the best user experience ever. I totally recommend checking their page out and I guarantee that no matter if you are hair extension noobie or all knowing pro you will be satisfied.