Week in pictures No.2

It’s week in pictures time! Actually I cheated a little bit and this will be a week and a half in pictures, I think. I had quite a big exam to pass last week so it’s a bit difficult for me to remember everything in the correct order. Anyway, let’s start.
As I mentioned I was preparing for a really important exam and that’s the stuff I had to learn.

Between studies me and my boyfriend had found some time to relax and we went to a concert.
It was a concert of Jazzu and Leon Somov to introduce their new album. We were sitting in a front raw and enjoying the view.

Song from their new album

We also did some shopping…and I got a little bit bored.

One day I had a mood for crafts, so I did a small present for my boyfriend.

Days are getting colder and colder.This is how I found my cat Tia one day when I came back home from university.

After I passed the exam I had more free time and I did a room tour video. You might see it in the near future.

Sunday was the only day when I had time for proper breakfast. This is what I had.


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