Youtube favorites

Hello everyone!
Today I decided to share with you some goodies without which I can’t imagine my daily routine.
They are youtube channels that I love and admire. I dream of doing something similar one day.
Let’s start with beauty channels:
The first one is “Essiebutton”. It’s a beauty vlog created by the young and beautiful Estee.
This is how she describes herself on facebook: “ I am a 23 year old Canadian who has ditched Uggs & snowpants for an Oyster card and umbrella!” I found her vlogs heart-warming and catchy. Take a look at her channel.

The next vlog is more about clothing and you can tell it by its name “Clothesencounters”.
I am not so courageous like this channel’s owner Jenn and I can’t imagine myself looking as fashionable as she does but it’s a real treat for your eyes and she is very interesting as a person too.

To end with, I left science channels that I know are not everyone’s cup of tea. But actually, they are fun, interesting and very informative. I suggest to try at least one of them.
Sci show

The brain scoop


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