So this thing happened...I bought two new lipsticks. Me and my friend Migle were walking around the city, enjoying the spring sun and we decided to take quick sneak a peak to the drug store. I felt in my heart that I want a new lip product and I was eyeing up Kate Moss lipsticks from Rimmel because I heard so many good reviews on them but then I spotted these. Catrice lipsticks( shades: Matt about pink; Pinkadilly Circus). Two gorgeous pink shades ( which in these pictures look red somehow).
I doubted a little bit but the final decision was made after I saw that these are half the price Kate Moss lipsticks which is a total bargain. I have them only for a few days but for this brief period of time I never regretted picking these two because the colors are just simply gorgeous, they have a real long lasting power and packaging is sleek and beautiful. For me it looks even more high end than Mack packaging. Only good words about this couple from my side.

Lipstick (Pincadilly Circus) in action

This is my shot story. Do you have any new arrivals?

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  1. These colours are so pretty and look great on you. I am so happy you overcame your doubts :)

  2. Looks great. I admit it does look more reddish than pink, but sometimes colors don't turn out true through pictures.
    Bright and Shiny