Hello my sweet friends!

This post was promised for the last week but I was too ill to put it together but now its done and without further ado lets jump into my perfume collection.

The first one is Escada Desire Me. It's my all time favorite fragrance and I can't imagine I will find anything as good and close to my hart as this. It's a little cheat because the bottle is almost empty,I hope that I still have a few sprays in that, but I couldn't exclude it because as I mentioned before it's my favorite. It's more a night time fragrance, very warm and sexy. It's a bit musky and sweet. Just a perfect combination of both worlds.

Next in the line is Naomi Campbell Cat Deluxe At Night.As the name suggests this is also the night time fragrance.It has a day time version too which is on the fresher side and this scent is a lot stronger,sweeter and a bit floral . This is sweet in a whole different way than Escada and I prefer Escada more because it's a lot more subtile.

Calvin Klein The Eternity Moment.I did a whole review about this one so for a wider opinion I suggest you to read that but to sum it up this has a very feminine smell and is one of my favorites.

Zen White Heat Edition Shiseido is more on the fresher side with notes of citrus and hint floral.
Definitely  nice pick for hot summer or just someone who likes fresh scents.

I love glamour perfume.Well this one was a present for me and I use it on those days when I feel no need to splurge my expensive know those days.It's ok,smells fresh. I can't say anything more.

Versace Vanitas.Very floral and fresh scent perfect for summer.
Versace pour femme is again fresh and floral but still a totally different scent.

Victoria's secret Noir Tease I think is a sweetest perfume that I ever smelled.It has such an overpowering scent of vanilla mixed with a secret hint of something.
Victoria's secret Fabulous this one is more on the frutier side but you can still fell the floral scent.
The difference between these two and Versace couple that these are warmer and Versaces has fresher smells.

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  2. Thank you!You are so sweet but I have been already nominated;)

  3. I love reading about perfume collections. I don't own any of these. I'll have to check them out next time I'm looking for a new perfume :)

  4. ah Escada Desire Me, such a great smell!