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Today I have a special guest in my blog and ''he'' is from the same country as I am. It is a BB cream from Lithuanian brand Rasa. I will be completely honest about this despite my inner love for "home made" products.

Science part: This BB cream is powered with Hyaluron, almond oil and vitamin complex. Hyaluron is suppose to restore your skin moisture balance. The vitamins such as E are strong antioxidants and it will make the aging process slower and almond oil is famous for making your skin feel soft as silk.

My feelings: The day that I bought this I met with my friend and she said that she was using this cream for a while and she really didn't like it. So yeah...that made me to feel scared a little bit and also curious.

It is quite interesting in consistency it feels quite heavy when you first put it on but the coverage is light ( normal for BB cream) and then it turns like into a second skin. Once it is set in and you try to wipe it or rub it for any other reason it comes of in a weird way gathering into creases and caking.
If you have a normal ,not dry well behaving skin this cream is very pleasant to use. It is very long lasting, smells nice and evens complexion very well. I found that it is best to apply it with your fingers.

All in all, I am very happy with Rasa BB cream and I think it will work even better in summer when my skin will become more oily and it will give a beautiful subtle mate finish.

If you are interested to see it in action I use in my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4PPogwGf5M

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