Hello guys!

Today I am going to introduce to you a new member of my slowly growing lip products' family and the new guy in the town is famous Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in Aurora.

I don't know why  but my look stumbled upon this lip lacquer many times and it wasn't tempting me at all.And then the word of beauty bloggers spread and I decided to try it myself. Oh what a glorious moment it was when it touched my lips! This babe is so pigmented ,the color is so bold that it brought instant love,joy and summer to my heart! Your lips will look like candies I promise!

The only thing that bothered me was that after a while when the color was gone from my lips there where some strange chunks of product stuck in the corners and inner parts of the lips and if you are not the one that checks your appearance often you  might end up looking a bit funny.Also,there is a big possibility that it happens just for my after winter still tired lips.

In conclusion, I love Rimmel Apocalips so much that I am sure that I will have more than one gorgeous color from their collection!That's a true fling!

And if you are interested to see this instant beauty in action check out my daily look video.

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  1. I got three of them and especially Nova is gorgeous!

  2. I totally agree!! I absolutely adore them!! They last so long and they look amazing!!
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    Elizabeth x

  3. I don't understand much about make up, but I think that ir looks really cute, I really like this color
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  4. Thank you for your comments,I will have my eye on Nova!xx