Hello my friends!

Long time no see! I know that making such huge breaks in blogging and youtube world is unforgivable but sometimes you have to face difficulties of your life and to figure out your priorities and I had to learn the hard way that without hard work there won't be good results. So now all my time is devoted to my studies but after the middle of June things will get back to normal and I am really looking forward to that!

Ok, enough sobbing the main reason why we are here today is my beauty haul! A girl will always find some time for shopping so lets check my catches!

I was still getting some dry patches on my face like a bad memory of harsh and cold weathers that are now long forgotten so I bough a new face cream which is Garnier Nordic Moisture Match Normal to Combinations Skin. They also have creams for dry and oily skin.

The next item is also skin care related and it is NIVEA Mat Beauty Tinted Moisturiser. Never tried tinted moituriser before ,so I am very curious how this will turn out.

I am running out of my Belaton compact powder so I decided to get my hand on other very glorified and hyped product know as Rimmel Stay Matte powder. The one that I have is in Peach Glow.

Actually my skin was behaving very well lately and there are more and more days when I don't need any base and I am happy with a bit of concealer so I felt a need to widen my stash with Essence Stay 
Natural concealer in Soft Beige and Catrice Around concealer palette.

And this is just nail polish remover that smells amazing!

I also had to get some nail polishes. The first one is Deborah Milano Gel Effect nail polish. Again, I never tried anything similar so I am very curious. The next is Būk nail polish in white and next to it is Būk nail oil.

And I left the most exciting purchase for the end! These are  Maybelline Colorsensational Shine in Glosses  in Fabulous Pink and Electric Orange. The only thing I can says is that they are insanely good!

And these were all of my purchases! I hope you are having a good time! Let me know your latest catch in the comments!

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  1. These products look amazing!! I definitely want to try them!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  2. Lovely photos! I love all of the products mentioned, great post xx

  3. I love the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder! Love this post

    -auré xoxxo

  4. I am so glad you purchased the Rimmel Stay Matte, as I love it. I have the translucent shade, but the one you have seems nice as well. Geat haul!

  5. Hey, great article, I tagged you to do the summer tag. I'd love to see your answers!
    ~Miss Megan

  6. Oh, I didn't know that they had it in a translucent shade, I will need to check it out!
    And I most certainly will do the summer tag!xx

  7. Wow, I feel that Europeans get all the cool skincare products!

  8. And all the coolest makeup brands are in America;D

  9. I love those Maybelline lip glosses :)