Hello Lovelies!

Here is the sad story of my life for you! When I was a teenager I had a Body Shop body mist in vanilla and it was the loveliest scent ever so when I saw that Body Shop has discounts for their body mists the further actions that I should make were clear for me. I got to the shop and I already new what I want. My vanilla! But out of my curiosity I decided to test the other ones and I did a mistake because all the scents are so amazing. I couldn't decide between vanilla and moringa scents so I bought them both.I actually I wanted to buy them all.

About two of them that I have... Vanilla is the sweetest the most satisfying smell of all the times and moringa is also sweet but with the floral notes and hint of freshness.

The other not so important thing that I really like is that body shop change the packaging of this product. I remember that body mists used to be in plastic bottles and now they are made from glass.
Feels much more pleasant, luxurious and sturdy.

Good news for my Lithuanina friends there are still discounts for these body mists so you can still grab one and have your own heaven in a bottle!

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  1. I really like Moringa, it's nice with a light airy floral to mix up all the fruity scents from The Body Shop :o) Xx

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    1. Definitely, when I spray this on I feel like a walking flower! Wonderful feeling!xx