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So recently I've been going to IKEA and back more times than it's appropriate, I also haven't forgot about H&M home section and other home decor stores in my town. The thing is that I really badly wanted to change my room to something more "adult" suitable. It would be fare to say that I want it to mach my state of mind. Currently I am in love with monochrome look, you can even notice this tendency in my closet, I know that it might seem as cliche but it really calms me down. Although, there have been only minor changes to my room like curtains, pillows and few other decor pieces it already feels more fresh,calm and I feel more relaxed in it. Exactly relaxation became very important in my life when everything else is so hectic and chaotic...Long intro but the aim of this post was to share some decor inspiration with you. I hope you will enjoy it.

I hope that one day I will create something similar in my room. Also the bigger budget for it would bee great too but you can't want everything at once. I would love to hear what design tendencies you're currently loving! Leave me a comment!

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