Hey guys!
Have you missed me? I am asking because I have missed you. Every free moment I am thinking about this blog and what else I can tell you or give you. This time I won't talk about make up or stuff that I bought.Instead I will share with you my problems and plans.
Ok,actually I don't have many problems,if any, just now I have to pass two huge exams and this means that I have to study a lot and the only thing  I would dream about if I would spend more time in bed would be sleep.Therefore, I don't have so much time to write normal blog post with beautiful pictures but I have planed a bunch of stuff: week in pictures, favorites and a gazillion of reviews, so brace yourself. I will do that too because outside of my blog I am planing to pass those exams, get a tattoo and redecorate my room. Lots of work but I can do this.
What challenges you are dealing with? I would love to hear!


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