Review: NONIQUE lip balm

Hello sweeties!
I am done with my exams and I am very happy to be able to write here again. During this brake I did some thinking and understood that I have to spice up my blog. Since, I am a chemist, I love science and for me it is as interesting as beauty and fashion, I’ve decided to introduce you to both of my joys. So from now on I will try to tell you why certain ingredients are good for certain beauty products, search for interesting facts and statistics. I hope you’ll find this appealing. Let’s start!

I believe, you all know how sometimes you mysteriously lose your lip balm then purchase another and somehow the old one finds the way back to you and now you have more than one lip balm in your collection because of this phenomenon and I am not an exception. Today I am going to talk about the last member of my lip product family NONIQUE lip balm.

NONIQUE  is German company that specializes on natural beauty products and this is one of the reasons why I chose their product. The other one was that I was bored from usual NIVEA or BODY SHOP lip balms and I was curious what else it is out there.

The first impression was quite good. It is a really nice lip product although at first I didn’t like the smell of it. It is pina colada scented product and it really smells like it but I didn’t find it flattering at all.
The good news is that the smell is not strong at all so after less than a day I stopped noticing it.
What is more, this product has some kind of exfoliating particles and this is very pleasant ability.

I don’t have the original packaging any more so the only ingredient of this product that I am sure about is coconut and coconuts are used in the beauty industry in moisturisers, balms and body butters because coconut oil, due to its chemical structure, is readily absorbed by the skin. And those particles that I mentioned previously may also be a part of coconut because the coconut shell may be ground down and added to products for exfoliation of dead skin. Of course, there’s fair chance that it is not grounded coconut shell but sugar which is widely used in cosmetics for this purpose.

Finally, some facts about lip balm:
Sounds crazy, but ChapStick and most other lip balms don’t work by adding moisture; instead they seal your lips to protect it from losing its own moisture.
2. You'll likely use it up before it does, but ChapStick only lasts for two to three years. If you find an old tube and wonder if it's safe to use, be sure it doesn’t look or smell funny. 
3.Lip balm with sun screen protection prevents our lips from aging because of UV and in this way helps them to stay beautiful and plump.

All in all, I like this lip balm but it is nothing different from any other lip product out there. So it won’t hurt to try something new. I hope you liked my new style and I would love to hear some comments about it. Should I continue giving you some facts and doing the research? Let me know.



  1. Nice review! I enjoy learning about ingredients and their usefulness in a beauty product. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you! I really appreciate an honest opinion;)

  3. Excellent review, very informative!