Week in pictures No.4

Hello sweeties!
How are you doing? I hope fine. Write now I just finished writing my exam and it went well. The evaluation will tell everything how I truly did but this post is not about that. It’s about my week in pictures. Actually, I don’t have much to show you because of all the hard work and preparations for the same exam. I’m sure you’ll understand.
There were some pleasant moments despite the whole boring atmosphere that covered my whole week.  On Monday I had a wonderful surprise of my boyfriend. I got a bouquet of roses. This surprise cleared the clouds, that were gathering around my head, for the whole day.
Then there was the NYE. I won’t talk about that here because I did the whole post about that with a vlog so you can check this out here:http://rolessummerfling.blogspot.com/2014/01/nye-vlog.html
After the NYE the whole week was just plain studying with a short trip with my friends to the mall where I got a little bit crazy about accessories and also randomly grabbed a face mask ant Catrice special edition lip tint.
On the end of the week I was so exhausted that I even wasn’t in the mood to put on my makeup…ok, actually I did  the makeup but not in the usual manner. I discovered that my must have products (the only ones that I found essential for me on that miserable day) are mascara, foundation and eyebrow shadows ,if you can call them this way.

 Roses that I got

My city's Christmas tree

Hard choice between studies and magazine

My cat decided to disturb me a little bit

My purchases

That’s all that was worth mentioning.
I hope you had more interesting week than I did.

Love you all,

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