Empties No.1

Hello everyone! Empties are here! I am going to introduce you some empties that made a huge impression on me. I decided to begin with my least favorite one and build up the excitement to the one that rocked my world. So lets start:
1.Essence black mania mascara. I can’t say anything good about this mascara but also I can’t say anything bad about it too. It’s cheap but still you can find much better products for that price.

2. Oriflame HairX shine boost serum for light hair. I didn’t notice extra shine on my hair or any other particular effect that it should give but it smells really good and I felt that it softens my hair a little bit.
All in all, I liked using it but I won’t buy it again.

3. Oriflame HairX daily care leave-in conditioner for normal hair. I really liked this product. To begin with, I like that it’s a leave-in conditioner and in this way I can save precious time in the morning when I usually wash my hair. It does its job, smells good and sometimes I even used it in the middle of a day to refresh my hair.

4. The body shop olive body butter. This thing makes wonders. I enjoyed every moment using it. It has a sent but nothing you can notice yet his most important feature is that it’s amazing in skin care. Despite the fact that this is a body butter and it is meant to be used on your body I used it as face cream too because it is so delicate, I found this formula perfect for those days when my skin is oily and also for those days when it’s dry. I know,  it’s magic.

That’s all of my empties this time.


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