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Hello everyone!
This and last week I was very busy because this is an exams time for me so most probably this will be the only post till this period is over. I decided to show you what make up I am wearing today and give a short review about those products.
Naturia body butter with coffee : I really like this product especially smell of it. I feel that coffee sent is just perfect choice for mornings because it gives you energy boost. I tend to use body butters on my face so this is what I did this time.

Manhattan clear face perfect mat: This product is quite a while in my make up bag but I started using it properly recently when I finished my BB cream. I don’t have a really strong opinion about this one. I find that it dries out my skin a little bit so I use lots of cream before it and then I immediately apply it on my face. On the other hand, it really reduces spots on the skin.

 Essence concealer: I love this product. Today I finished it and I will definitely repurchase it. This babe dose everything it is meant for.

Essence 2 in 1 volume mascara: I have this for a while and I kind a like it but it isn’t the best mascara that I’ve tried but for its price I think it is really good. It has two brushes. One is thicker and bigger and other is smaller so you can choose one of two looks. I personally use only second one.

Essence eyeliner: Love it. This is the only eyeliner that I’ve been using for two years. It lasts long, brush is not to small and not too big. It’s everything you can ask for.

Blush professional eyeshadow palette: I have three palettes but I’ve been using only one so far. I think it’s warm earth tones palette. I can’t say anything bad about it. It has everything that suits me and I’ve been doing very well with it.

Catrice cosmetics colour infusion longlasting lipstain: In my opinion ,this is a very controversial product.
I am still searching for a good lip product that I would like. When I found this I thought that this it. It smells amazing and taste of it on your lips is also very good. It feels like vanilla kiss. Thing I like the most about it  it’s that you really can’t tell that it’s something on your lips. This lipstain looks so natural but also gives you a really good color. Unfortunately, sometimes it dries a little bit and seems like its empty but after a while you can use it again and this is really pulling my nerves because I like it so much that I want to it use all the time.

That’s all of my products that I am wearing today. Feel free to leave a comment with your recommendations or just random thoughts.


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