October favorites

After a short break I’m back again with October favorites. So let’s start!
Beauty favorites:

1.Essence soufflé touch blush (in shade fresh apricot)
I was at the shop searching for all other stuff when I saw this. I tried it on my wrist and I couldn’t say no. I had to buy it. I’ve never tried I cream blush so maybe because of the different experience or maybe because of its’ wonderful color and shine so far I love this product. You can easily build it up and apply with fingers or brush, whatever you want. I’m really enjoying this autumnal color.

2. Belaton compact powder
I wasn’t meant to buy this one too but as you can see I ended up loving this product. There is written on the packaging “Ultra silky powder, natural look effect, perfect coverage”. You can believe it or not but all this is true and these are the qualities that I fell in love with. So far I can’t say anything bad about it.

3.Shiseido Zen white heat edition perfume
This is a gift from my boyfriend’s parents that I’ve been using every day this month and I am afraid that eventually I will run out of it. This perfume has very unique sent. It isn’t sweet or fresh I really can’t tell what has similar sent. You just have to smell it and fell it yourself.

Non beauty related favorites:
This month I’ve been loving a few songs and you know that state of mind when you have to hear those songs again and again and you never get tired of them. So that’s what happened…

I like to listen this one in the mornings or when I am on public transport.

And this one is much calmer and is perfect to relax or as a background.

Also I’ve been loving a musical project (Wikipedia says that) called Mesita. I found their music very unique and I liked every songs that I heard. Make sure yourselves. Here's the link to its' youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/mesitamusic and one of my favorite songs:

And the last thing I wanted to share with you is small shorts by Simon Tofield.  I love all shorts but these animated cartoons just stole my heart. It’s about Simon and his cat and what a surprise it’s called “Simon’s cat”. I strongly recommend it for cat lovers and not necessarily for them . The way that Simon shows his cat ,all the manners and situations are so authentic that it is certainly worth  a good word and a smile. I promise you couldn’t stop laugh when you see it.
That's it.

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