September favorites

I think that it’s a good sign to begin my blog with something as positive as favorites. September is a first month of fall and there were loads of things to buy and like  in this transitional period to survive light (or sometimes not) freeze.
To begin with, I immediately remembered my skin care absence in summer because there is nothing to care about. Sun cream was the only  item that I had with myself all the time but fall is a different kind of affair. My face and hand skin is very sensitive and  I couldn’t just left it in uneven fight with increasing cold. So I purchased some creams. First goodie is no name hand cream with goat milk and omg!!! It makes wonders. It’s not the first time that I notice that products with goat milk smell incredibly but also they are really good at their job. This one in particularly has to moist your skin, promote the regeneration of it, provide gentleness and strengthen your nails and it does everything. Most probably you couldn’t find the same product but you can search for creams with similar ingredients (goat milk extract and vitamin e). I highly recommend this and alike products. Now I kind a have a fling on them. Second skin care product that I fell in love with  previous month was Naturia body butter-coffee. Again it smells like heaven. No, actually it smells like coffee. To be honest I don’t even like coffee but this baby is different kind of story (maybe because I don’t need to drink it). Short story long I don’t care if it does it’s job or not (it does) because every time I put it on myself I feel flow of energy rushing into me. I guess it’s an equivalent to a morning cup of coffee.
I think I will wrap everything up with a non-beauty related item. It’s an accessory. Nowadays I am learning to take a glimpse on my wrist and not on my mobile phone when I am interested in what time it is because now I have a brand new watch. My boyfriend gave it to me as a present on our one year relationship anniversaries and it’s the best present I have ever had. It’s a nice symbol and beautiful accessory that I simply love.
I hope that the absence of time wasn’t the issue for you and you were able to enjoy your favorites of September. Feel free to share your experience.
Goat milk hand cream

Naturia body butter -coffee

watch from Fossil


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