Fashion commercials

Hello everyone! Today I decided to remember my old passion which is advertising. Many people hate annoying adverts that pop in their face every day and almost everywhere but  I love that effort some people of that business make to impress us, our audience. I do not admire those cheap commercials that advertise washing powder or something alike. My cup of tea is those pieces which are intelligent, clever, most usually contains a message and has something more than just advertising certain product.
In my opinion, the master of this kind of work is Guy Ritchie. He is a well-known director and he worked with some of the most amazing films like Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, RocknRolla, Lock Stock and two smoking barrels but today not about that. He has directed some superb fashion related commercials too. One of them is for H&M and the other is for Dior. I love his sense of humor and how clever he uses famous actors or celebrities. It is just pure pleasure to watch how David Beckham runs through his neighborhood only with his undies with the soundtrack of Forest the people- pumped up kicks and what about Jud Law in Dior commercial… it is better to watch than read about it thousands of times so…check these wonderful pieces of Guy Ritchie.
H&M commercial

Dior Homme commercial


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