Why am I starting a blog? Well I can think of few reasons but the most important of them is that I feel that something is missing in my life. I finished high school and know I am a student in university.
I am studying a really serious discipline and every day is about science, competition and of course seriousness. Most of the time I feel okay about that but sometimes it’s hard to make myself believe that it’s my place and old-new passion is becoming more and more interesting. I believe that blogging is a way out of my tricky situation.
Why summer flings and what will it be about? Actually, I do not know. I felt a need to create a blog. I imagined in my head how it should look like, what I will be posting in there then I sat down at the computer and  they requested me to type in a name for my blog. I froze. This thing never crossed my mind. I even thought that I don’t need a blog any more but then I laughed at myself and started thinking about the name. So I came out with summer flings. I just like the warmth and sensation of those two words. It’s like a secret, like a passion and most importantly nothing serious. It will be about my interests, fashion, design, beauty and art.
That’s it for know. I hope that you’ll come back for more.

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