Week in pictures No.1

This is my week in pictures. My every week starts with  few days on which I can sleep one hour more than usually and sometimes I am even able to eat some breakfast. So...this is my highest point of the week in kitchen...these sandwiches.

The rest of the week I was a frequent guest in cafes and restaurants and on Tuesday I was surprised by a set of tea that my boyfriend ordered. It looked amazing but in my opinion the taste wasn't so good as view.
Unfortunately the weather the whole week was quite chilly so I spent some time at home studying and admiring the view from my living room.
On Friday I went to my university party but I am not able to get pictures from it,yet. Sunday was the most beautiful day because the sun was shining and everyone in the streets were happy.Me and my boyfriend had a photoshoot and I have only one photo from it.
photo by: Vilius Beniušis photography

 Monday wasn't so bad for me. Here is a glimpse of my laboratory work.
That's it.

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