Hello my dear friends!
I hope that you enjoy that time is running faster than a blink of an eye as much as I do.  My holiday is going to its end and I promised myself to come back to my studies and work with new energy and more stubbornness. So without further ado let’s jump into my January favorites.

First and this time the most favorite of my favorites are my ERDESA brushes. I love them! My boyfriend got them for me for Christmas. This company is famous in Lithuania and elsewhere between makeup artists for “Original Egyptische Erde”. These brushes are amazing quality and they made my makeup routine  extremely pleasant. Sometimes when I shut my eyes and touch my face with one of the brushes I imagine that I am Cleopatra preparing for a new day of endless delights. I won’t brag about these more because I have a review on them coming up.

Next in my favorites top is Calvin Klein Eternity Moment perfume. Again this was a present for me.At first I wasn’t really fascinated by the scent of this perfume because it was quite strong and irritating but slowly I fell in love with it. It is something very feminine and elegant about this fragrance. 

What kind of favorites  is it without lip products? So here’s one. ZAO Essence of Nature lipstick in a shade Rouge a Lerves. I never thought that I would choose such a bright colour for my lipstick especially because I was rocking the red lips lately. Maybe it’s because I missed some brightness in my life during the winter or I need to channel my inner girl again. It doesn’t meter because it worked for me very well. I would like to say that this product brings me too those days when I was young and beautiful but I am young and beautiful. It just helps me to remember this.

And last but not least, is my non beauty favorite. The month before I was shearing with you my love for Catching fire film and this time I must mention The Hunger Games book  by Suzanne Collins as one of my favorites. I have to admit that there is not even one day that I pass without thinking about this story, its’ meanings and etc. I believe that it just proves how worth is it to read something like this and how powerful this story is. 

That's it for my January favorites. I hope it wasn't boring  Tell my if you are interested to try out one of these. I would love to hear.



  1. Wow those brushes look amazing and soft! I haven't heard of that brand, but will certainly keep an eye out for them now.

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

    1. Well if you are really interested you can write them here info@erdesa.lt about those brushes because they do send them to other countries. They are definitely an amazing quality.