Hello sweeties!
I hope that the Friday was pleasant and you had a blast with your friends or romantic cuddling evening with yours truly. No matter what kind of evening you had I am sure that you wanted that your eyes would be the most beautiful in the whole room and the best tool for that is good mascara. The product that I am going to talk about isn’t a new arrival in beauty world. Actually it is well known and many times mentioned. That’s why I wanted to get my hands on it so badly for such a long time and there is no secret that it’s Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express mascara! I guess that another review about it won’t hurt.

The truth is that I was a bit scary to try this product because of the big plastic brush. I don’t know why but unconsciously I am more comfortable with small things around my eyes that cannot hurt them badly. Quickly I forgot about my fear when I saw how easy is to use that brush.

The whole aim of this mascara is to make lashes longer and bigger and it really does the trick. Although, I have to warn you that if you like to put on a few layers of mascara you have to be careful because you might end up with only five huge lashes.

What is more, this mascara does not flake and stays on your lashes for the whole day. It is quite difficult to remove it at the end of the day but I believe it is better to make that extra effort in the evening than trying to embrace that panda look and sometimes even pain in your eye.

All in all, I think that it’s a wonderful product and it’s hard to find any flaws. Definitely worth buying!
What’s your opinion about this celebrity?

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  1. one of my fave favourite mascaras! great post! xx

  2. It's all time favorite for me too.Thanks;)