Hello my dearest friends!

I don't know if you noticed but this week was all about lip products on my blog so I decided to show you  my modest collection. I am looking forward to expand it and the reason why it is so small is because I am using this type of products only for a year (maybe less). I thought that I would do everything a bit differently and in stead of traditional swatches I made a short video and I won't expand about each lipstick a lot because I made reviews about some of them so I thought about evaluating them in a few categories. The sequence of the products will be the same in the review,video and pictures.

(Sorry for the bad quality)

UMA cosmetics  fantastic shine lip gloss (shade oh honey)

Color: nude
How long stays on lips: 5
Comment: It isn't special product by any means. I bet that there are tons of better ones but I like the color. All in all,it's fine lip gloss.

Essence lipstick (shade: barely there)

Color: soft burgundy
How long stays on lips: 9
Comment: I don't really like this lipstick because its color is really similar to lip color so I don't see purpose of using it.

Golden Rose ultra rich color lipstick (shade 46)

Color: pink
How long stays on lips: 7
Comment: It is one of my favorite lipsticks, really like the color but number 7 shows that there is room for improvement.

ZAO essence of nature lipstick (shade Rouge a Levres)

Color: bold pink
How long stays on lips:10
Comment: Really love this. Here is my review.

Catrice lip balm tint (shade Don't Red it)

Color: red
How long stays on lips: 6
Comment: again one of my favorites and its review.

Catrice special edition lip balm tint

Color: burgundy
How long stays on lips 6
Comment: read my review.

Catrice color infusion longlating lipstain (shade rose wood avenue)

Color:dark pink
How long stays on lips: 7
Comment: very naturally looking product,but it works whenever it wants,sometimes it looks dried out.

Essence lip stain (shade silky red)

Color: red
How long stays on lips: 9
Comment: the most pigmented thing I have ever used,I have to clean the brush and only then put it on my lips to look some what normal.

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What is your favorite lip product? Love to hear that in the comments to find out what is worth trying!



  1. I loved looking at your collection and I though the video was a fun idea :) Which lip product is your favourite?

  2. Well it is really had to chose because it really depends on my mood which one I would choose for the day but I think that the Golden Rose lipstick was the one that I was using the most.;)

  3. Hey I love your blog so much I nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

  4. Thank you sweetheart but I already did Liebster award. Here you can check my answers!xx

  5. Great post!

    love your blog :)