The story begins when my mother came into my room and handed me a strange little bag, mysteriously told that this should suit me and walked away. I opened a little linen bag with pink details and saw a very organic looking lipstick, if this word fits here. So the first impression is that this product is packed very nicely and it is pleasant to hold it in your hands because the tube itself is made from bamboo. It reminded me a lot of those Tarte products that I saw everywhere on Youtube. Then I read the brand name on the side ZAO essence of nature and I got intrigued what am I holding in my hand? It was bright bold pink lipstick.(In shade Rouge a lerves)

I won’t hide that I was a bit shocked by the boldness of the color but I was keen to try it. Wearing that type of color makes me feel like ten years younger ( I am not that old (almost 20)) and so cheeky. The lipstick has a slight hint of shimmer in it and looks even brighter in the daylight. You will need to make quite an effort if you want it to come off, it’s really long lasting lip product and it’s because ZAO uses innovative natural and organic ingredients with specific properties. They have two families of original and beneficial ingredients that are used in all their formulas: organic silica, micronised silver powder. (If you want to read more about it click here).

ZAO essence of nature brand has lots of beauty products which by their qualities and appearance (again) really reminds of Tarte just you are able to get it in Europe,so that’s a win!

All in all, this lipstick is a wonderful product and I am really looking forward to try out more products of this brand. I am really fascinated.

If you are not satisfied enough with these pictures I featured this product in my FOTD post where you can see how it looks on my lips and if you like everything you just read here follow me on bloglovin.



  1. I seen it in your FOTD post, really gorgeous lipstick !

    Belle soirée !

  2. Nice post :)

  3. Hi there! love your blog! I'm your newest follower on bloglovin. Hope you can follow back ;)

    Pam xx

  4. Your totally right about it looking like Tarte! And I've never heard about this product so now I'm curious :P You should do an About Me post! Had no idea you were my age (well I guessed lol) xx

    1. Hey it's a good idea to do an About Me post! Why I never thought about this before? Thanks Nia. xx