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I am back again with another review. This time I am going to talk about LePetit Olivier masque visage a l’Argile face mask. It’s a mask with green clay and orange oil.

I am using this product for about a month and I have a really hard time finding to say something negative about it. It has a really nice feeling, tingles a few first minutes after applying and it has a bit strange smell, a mixture between orange and clay and it makes sense because these are the key ingredients. This is a cleansing mask with little particles in it so it scrubs the dead skin form your face and leaves it nice and clean. Although, it’s a bit dehydrating and you need to moisturize your skin afterwards.

Green clay is famous for its antibacterial properties. It balances your skin pH and prevents and heals skin from bacteria. You might think that it’s wonderful, you have some green clay in your back yard and you’ll do the mask yourself but this is the case where you need to trust the beauty companies because there are some kinds of clay that even promotes bacterial growth. So it’s better to spend some money for a trusted product.

Also I don’t recommend to do DIY mask with orange oil because it contains limonene compound which is a mild irritant, as it dissolves protective skin oils. Of course it is good in very small amounts to help get rid of dead skin but as I mentioned you have to moisturize afterwards  and if you have a sensitive skin you need to take some time and think if it is really the best product for you.

All in all, Le Petit Olivier masque visage a l’Argile face mask is a superb product with wonderful ingredients but I wouldn’t suggest you to try something similar at home as DIY project. Leave it to professionals who know the perfect balance between goods that nature offers to us.

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P.S. It's not me in the picture but the mask looks exactly the same.

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