Hello beauty lovers!
I hope that Monday isn’t too hard and scary. To ease your stress I am suggesting you to channel your mind somewhere else from your work and problems for example to my FOTD. I decided to do the face of the day post because today I did it a bit in a different way than I normally do, so I thought that it would be interesting to share my experiment with you guys!

I started with moisturizing my face with NIVEA cream which is my must have product for me in winter because the weather in Lithuania always makes some serious damage for my skin.Also I had to protect my lips with Nonique lip balm. Then I applied Maybelline Fit Me foundation (in shade 110) all over my face. I took the darkest brown of my eye shadow pallet and filled in my eyebrows with small angled brush.

After eyebrows I always do my eyes. I took warm peachy color with a little bit of shimmer and put it all over my eye lid. Then I took shimmery green, applied it to my crease and brought a little bit up to my brow bone. I came back to crease with dark shimmery green with a hint of black. Then I took some of the same peachy color that we started this look on blending brush and blended and smoothed everything out. To finish the look I applied some shimmery white in my inner eye corners. Of course it isn’t the real end until I applied Essence liquid eyeliner and Maybelline The Rocket mascara to my eye lashes and ZAO essence of nature lipstick (in shade Rouge a Levres) to my lips. Now it’s really finished!

Tell me if you would like to recreate this look! Thank you for your time.

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  1. You have gorgeous eyebrows! The makeup look's amazing on you - so beautiful!

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

  2. This lipstick looks gorgeous ! You're really pretty ;)

    Kisses from France