Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm Review

Hello sweeties!
Today I am continuing my journey through lip product lands and I’m taking you with me. I recently stopped by the drugstore and bought one item that I was eyeing up for a long time. It’s Catrice lip balm in shade :Don’t  Red it. It’s a nice bright red color and I thought it will be a nice pop out of my dark outfits. When I was at the drugstore I tested it only on my hand so when I came back home and tried it on my lips I thought I made a huge mistake and this color does not suit me at all. Despite this first impression I wore this lip balm a few times more and I fell in love with it.
To begin with, it’s winter time and my lips are getting dry every day and I needed product that wouldn’t make them even worse. The word ‘balm’ in this product’s name really stands for moisturizing ability and not just for hair catching consistency.
What is more, it is ridiculously easy to apply this product, you don’t even need a mirror because of it’s light coverage. Imagine young girls with perfectly colored lips with this crayon fished from their mother’s purse.
All in all, I think this is one of my favorite lip products and it’s one of the candidates to be on my lips on New Year’s eve and to surprise the lucky one that I will kiss.
Would you have this product on your purse for a special occasion?


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