Empties No.2

Hello my darlings!
Write now I am sitting in my bed and listening to the other tribe- skirts . This was one of my favorite songs of 2012 and I occasionally enjoyed it on 2013 too. It made me think how time passes by and some things evaporates quickly and others resist to leaves us and stay together for indeterminate time. There is no way how to guess who attribute what because such simple thing as song stayed with me for a few years in contrary to my school life that vanished in one summer. This is deep but it’s my introduction to Empties because I thought that it is nice to honor those who left us in a glimpse in the threshold of New Year, even if it’s only empty cosmetic products.

First on my target is AVON violet & lychee body spray. I had a difficult relationship with this product. At first I really didn’t like the smell of it and I even forgot that I had it but after a few weeks I discovered it in a new light. The sent seemed quite nice and suitable and using before bed became my ritual. All in all,I wouldn’t buy this again but it’s not a bad product, I simply don’t think that I can find a better body spray than Body Shop one in vanilla sent.

Second is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in medium shade for normal skin. What can I say? Loved it! I used it during the summer and sometimes on fall when I had a mood for BB cream and it really did its’ job. It is really important for me to protect my face skin from sun because it’s quite sensitive to UV and my birth marks tend to get darker and this is something I don’t like. So sun protection was my priority and I was satisfied. What is more, it is very light what is nice on hot summer days.

Next is Essence 2 in 1 volume mascara. This mascara has two brushes but I only used one (the bigger one) and the effect of it pleased me. It gave me length, volume and hope that I don’t need false lashes to be a drama queen.

I finished another Essence product. It’s Essence Stay Natural concealer in the lightest shade. This concealer is one of those Essence products that stands out and makes to fascinate their company.
It presents a really good quality for a ridiculously small price in comparison with other brands.
I used it all around my eyes  also as an eye shadow base and I can't complain about it in contrary I can only say that it is not cakey at all, look really natural and helps eye shadow to stay in place of whole day.

The last product is Rituals white lotus & green tea foaming shower gel. This product is irreplaceable in my shower and only because of one quality- foaming. It’s the most pleasant thing of all times and everyone should try it. Of course, a cherry on top of the cake is its’ smell, a signature of Rituals company.

Have you tried any of these products? I would love to hear your opinion!


  1. I've tried that BB cream,loved it too.

  2. Would you buy this cream again? I really liked it but I am just thinking of exploring the waters.