Winter's haul

Hello everyone!
I've been doing some Christmas shopping last week and of course I couldn't forget my self so I bought quite a few goodies for my own pleasure.

I will begin with beauty items. I missed some colors in my life because it's winter so the nature is not the source of that nor my black,white and pastel clothing.That's why I decided to purchase some colorful nail polishes(Essence Gold fever and Mabelyne Colorama) and Catrice lip balm (looks like lip crayon) in shade Don't Red it.Weird shade name...So far I've been love these products.

Mabelyne Colorama

Essence Gold fever

Catrice Don't Red it

Also I did some damage on H&M. I went crazy for necklaces and sweaters.Check this out.

As you can see I was really in need of just simple sweaters and some necklaces. My last stop was shoe shop and I got something between combat boots and wedgies and i simply love them. They gave that edgier statement to any outfit.

That's all of my goodies. Fell free to leave a comment .;)



  1. Hey sweet, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out =)

  2. Wow that's a pleasant surprise.Thank you a lot;)