Week in pictures No.3

Hello everyone!

It's time for my week in pictures!I think that my week was quite similar to yours' because Christmas shopping was everyone's duty (or if you prefer pleasure).Although, I think that not everyone had to make their way to the shops through mountains of snow.

And of course, on the only day when the weather was like this and it was freezing I had to wear my Uggs and lose one of them sole on the way to the mall. So that was embarrassing...on the other hand now I have a funny story that I can tell everyone and I got to buy nice new shoes and as bonus with that some sweaters and necklaces.You can check them here:  http://rolessummerfling.blogspot.com/2013/12/winters-howl.html

On those days I wasn't shopping I spent some time with my friends exchanging small presents and already celebrating Christmas.

This was my look for those nights

Pile of small and lovely presents

There was a Christmas post office in my university and we were able to greet everyone with holidays and Christmas.

These are some of the letters that I got

How I could forget Christmas tree?I was decorating it with my little brother. It's a fake tree but our family decided that there isno point to cut a real one for our short pleasure.

On cold winter's days I sometimes forget that I don't like coffee and spoil myself with hot caramel mochiata.

To finish everything I left a picture of my boyfriend's cat sleeping in his sport bag. Loveliest creature!

 That was my week. What was your Christmas shopping experience? I'd love to hear.


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