Rituals Mei Dao body cream review

"When your routine becomes a ritual..."Indeed, Rituals brand knows how to create that feeling and bring something special in our daily life. That's why today I am going to talk about their
Mei Dao body cream.
I had more than one product of this Tao line but this one is just special for me. Firstly, it nourishes your skin and leaves it feeling silky soft.Secondly, it has wonderful smell.
I'm such a sucker for scented things but again this one is special. I found that many body creams have a good smell but it stays on you only for a while, while this Mei Dao cream smell lasts for all day. It even stays longer than my perfume because on the days that I had it on me,I had compliments that I smelled very pleasant even in the evening and it wasn't my perfume.
You can feel the tension flowing away while using this product and I believe that  nowadays this quality is very important taking in consideration our busy life.

Have you tried something from Rituals Tao line?


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