Liebster award

Yesterday I had a pleasant surprise. I was nominated for Liebster award!That was something I really didn't expect. So special thanks for Carolina from .
This is an award given to bloggers by bloggers,targeting blogs with a small following but great potential.
If you've been nominated the rules are: Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog, answer the 11 questions, nominate 11 other people with small following and great potential, and then create 11 more questions for your nominees to answer!

Here are my answers to Carolina's questions:

1) Why did you start this blog?
I started this blog because I needed some activity to express myself  and I always admired blog community and wanted to become part of it.

2) What do you get from blogging?
First of all,I learn to be more confident because it sometimes requires some courage to share your thoughts and ideas with strangers. Also, it's always nice to get some response to what you do even if it's only a visit to my blog. And finally,I get more and more skills working with a computer.

3) Your everyday hair routine.
To begin with,I wash my hear with Garnier Ultra Doux revitalizing shampoo then I brush them and spray on Oriflame HairX spray on conditioner and blow dry them while brushing. In this way,they straightens up a little bit and that's it.

4) Your favorite makeup product.
Because I couldn't live without mascara this product should be something for my lashes.
My all time favorite mascara is Mabelyne The Rocket volume express. I can't imagine a better product to add some drama to your eyes.

5) 5 movies you love
This one is hard because there are so many movies worth mentioning.I will probably begin from the recent ones.
1.Hunger Games( First and second one)
2.Shutter Island
4.The Grate Gatsby
5.To Rome with love

6) Books you want to read
All Haruki Murakami books and then maybe something from Lew Tolstoj and Dostoevsky works.

7) What are your expectations of 2014?
To work on my blog and make it popular,become more successful as a student, buy a good camera and simply to be happy.

8) 6 words that describe your personality
Stubborn, funny, creative, curious, lazy, smart

9) A person who inspires you? 
It's hard to name only one. In my studies people who inspires me is my lectors and in my personal life two bloggers and vloggers Essie Button and Jenn Im.

10) What do you do in your off-line and free time? 
During my off-line time I study chemistry,read, listen to music and just simply hang out with my family, boyfriend and friends.

11) Your favorite place? 

These are my answers and know it's time for my questions.

1)How you imagine your blog after three years?
2)Why did you start this blog?
3)Who is your favorite blogger?
4)Five things you would take to deserted island.
5)Your must have beauty and fashion items.
6)Your dream job.
7)If you could visit anywhere in he world,where would it be?
8)What is your biggest fear?
9)What is your biggest dream?
10)What are your New Year resolutions?
11)What would you wish for other bloggers?

My nominees are:

Don't stop the chain.



  1. Thank you very much, that is very kind of you :)

    Paula at Beauty Lover

  2. It's a pity that I could write only five;D

  3. Thank you again, I just posted my answers! Kisses <3

  4. Thank you so much Karolina! This really made me happy <3 <3

  5. Loved reading your answers!