Lumene Finland Basic Blue Cleansing Gel review

Hey guys!
I promised you some reviews so today I am going to talk about Lumene Finland Basic Blue Cleansing Gel.  As you can see this is a Finish company and their slogan is "The power of arctic nature".  Indeed, all of their products are based on ingredients that come from nature and of course you cannot forget the quality of Scandinavian product.
 I have this cleanser for about a week and from the first second it touched my skin it became the best part of my skin care routine. The feeling of it, the smell... the smell reminds me of my childhood. It has a very specific smell and I spent a whole week trying to figure out was it is. There in nothing written on the packaging but, judging from the picture of cornflowers on it, it had to be something related to them. Actually it wasn't even near them.Finally, I realized that it smells just like nectarine and the smell is just divine I can only mumble about it. your childhood smells like nectarines too?
Moreover, this product not only smells amazing but it found that it makes your skin fell fresh and youthful and most importantly clean.
All in all, I love this product and recommend it to everyone and I would change it for other Lumene product just to check out what else do they have.


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